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Good Neighbors

Student playing volleyball

Being Considerate While Living Off Campus

UC Berkeley students are an important part of what makes Berkeley, well, Berkeley. It’s important for students to embrace the City of Berkeley and the broader community they join. That means enjoying everything the city offers, from the coffee and boba tea shops along Telegraph Avenue to the unique restaurants and boutiques Downtown to the vibrant cultural and art scenes across the city. It also means being a good neighbor. Below are some tips on how students like you can be good neighbors.

Shhh! Berkeley’s Quiet Hours

Please respect the City of Berkeley’s quiet hours (10 p.m. to 7 a.m. daily) and the Community Noise Ordinance. The city also has a Public Nuisance and Second Response Ordinance. Learn more about the city’s ordinances.

Tips for Off-Campus Parties

Housing Assistance

Berkeley Basic Needs is a great place to start to get help with emergency housing, financial support, and housing search, as well as tenants rights and legal advising.

Moving Out

Please visit, and  #calmoveout on instagram in early 2024 for updates.

Want more tips? Check out Happy Neighbors Livable Neighborhoods, or, contact