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Who Should Report Hazing?

  • A hazing incident may be reported by anyone; a person who the activity directly affected, a person who was involved in the incident; faculty/staff, parents, friends, or community members.
    • If you witness or experience a hazing incident, you are responsible for reporting the incident.
    • Faculty, students, staff, and community members can all play a role as an active bystander by reporting.
    • Hazing does not just affect one community on campus, it can be present in all sorts of different groups. Our campus community suffers when any organization or group decides to haze its members.
    • Any intact group (student organization, athletic team, professional organization, social organization) should be mindful of how they welcome new members and notify the campus when an activity doesn’t feel right.
    • If you have witnessed or have knowledge of a possible hazing incident, please report the incident.

How to Report Hazing

  • All members of the Cal community are responsible for keeping our campus safe, welcoming, and inclusive. You can do this by making a report to the following resources when you witness, experience, or are told that hazing or other harmful behaviors are happening.
  • Center for Student Conduct 
  • LEAD Center
    • (510) 642-5171
    • 2465 Bancroft Way, Eshleman Hall Suite 432, Berkeley, CA 94720
  • UCPD
    • (510) 642-3333
    • 1 Sproul Hall
  • An Organization’s Designated Advisor
  • A Coach of the Group that you are concerned about
  • Any University Staff or Faculty Member

What to Include in Your Report

  • Who: names of people and/or organizations involved
  • When: dates and times that you can recall
  • Where: location of the incident(s)
  • What: a specific description of what you observed or experienced